• Jeremy Buchholz

Join Us On Patreon! (May 1)

We are excited to be opening a Patreon page! But it's more than just another page....we are going to be doing projects WITH YOU!

We have been being asked more and more, "can you teach me how to.....?", "can we see your workshop?", "can we see more behind the scenes?". Well now we will be able to answer YES to all of those!

Members of our Patreon family will get

• Monthly projects where you are walked through, via videos, the creation of something Norse or Viking inspired. This could include wood working art, fiber work, leather craft, and more. There may even be be some extras thrown in such as cooking, recipes, and perhaps some homesteading!

• Access to monthly online LIVE meetings where we all get together and you can ask questions, show off your finished projects for everyone to see and appreciate, and just get to know us on a more personal level.

• Exclusive behind the scenes footage of us being....well us. (Shocker, this may be a little goofy at times so brace yourself.)

• Priority access and substantial discounts on our original custom art pieces as well as the opportunity to build up an account to earn free art!

• Surprises, gifts, birthday shoutouts, and even Klan Rúnda swag available ONLY to our Patreons and much more!

Our goal with this group is to help you not only learn some new skills, but to feel the accomplishment that comes with working with your hands. Hopefully we'll also be forging a group of people who can support each others' creativity and growth as we celebrate being inspired by our ancestors.

Our goal is to begin adding the first content on May 1, 2021, and we are so excited to see you there!

You can have a sneak peak of our Patreon page here: