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The Viking Chair Experts

Those aren't our words, but we'll take 'em! Yeah, we've had several people mention that if it's Viking Chairs that you want, Klan Rúnda is the source. We really appreciate that because we do really put care into our chairs. While each chair we make is a piece of art in it's own right, Klan Rúnda Viking Chairs are also the sturdiest chairs we've come across. Built like a tank and yet surprisingly comfortable would be enough, but then add beautiful to look at! All of our chairs are carved and painted to various degrees....each one is a beautiful piece of art. We make three basic sizes of chairs and each one can either come with some of our standard art or be customized with your art or art we create especially for you. And then there are our unique carved chairs and even thrones! There is no excuse for your campfire to not be totally decked out! Follow Klan Rúnda on social media to see new designs often, or sign up for our email newsletter to keep up to date. And be sure to order your Viking Chairs before your next Viking or Renaissance get-together.


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