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Call them what you want, Viking Chairs, Slab Chairs, Bog Chairs, Stargazer Chairs.... the fact is, Klan Rùnda has perfected them. Our chairs have been sent around the world and are known for quality, comfort, and beauty. 

original Runestone Viking Chairs by
Viking Chairs by

What is a Viking Chair?

Well, to be honest, a Viking Chair is whatever a Viking decides to sit on and there is no evidence that the "Vikings" used any special type of seat. That beings said, the simple design of having one slab of wood slide through a notch in another to form a seat is a simple design that has been found all around the world including Scandinavia. If the Vikings didn't use this specific design, you can be sure they did, at least, use something similar.

Viking Chair Design

As simple a design as it is, our Viking Chairs are built at the optimum angle for comfort and back health. The seat backs encourage a straight spine as the seat aligns your sit bones and the width of the back encourages your scapula to move  which opens your chest. 

Most of our chairs are built with Yellow Pine which is very strong yet allows just the right amount of flex so as to not be brittle. We also whether treat all of our outdoor chairs so they can age beautifully in the elements.

And of course, Klan Rùnda Viking Chairs are the most beautifully carved and finished chairs available. Your seat around the campfire will never be in question with a chair carved with Norse, Celtic, or Viking inspired art. 

Original Norse Dragon Viking Chair
klanrunda vegvisir viking chair med viking chair XL wolf dog original runestone viking chair norse art
Custom Vegvisir Viking Chair

Order Your KR Viking Chairs

There are several carved Viking Chair designs available for order here, or you can contact us as well to have us design and carve a custom and personalized Viking Chair for you or each member of your family. We look forward to sitting comfortably with you around a campfire sometime soon. 

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