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Set up in a cozy corner of a rustic Nordic-themed room, two intricately carved Norse ravens stand guard, their ebony forms commanding attention as they hold aloft sturdy wooden shelves. Crafted with meticulous detail, these guardian birds serve not only as decorative accents but as functional supports for your most treasured possessions.

This piece is nothing less than a show stopper. Whether in your home, or used in an encampment, this Norse Inspired shelf will compliment whatever you choose to store on it. Measuring a full 5' (60") tall, 42" wide, and with shelves that are 11" deep, this unit is a full size piece of furniture that can hold a lot of your treasures. The shelf also completely takes down to a flat stack of panels for transport or storage.

The quality pine wood has been traditionally finished with boiled linseed oil to  help repell water so it should be safe to use outdoors periodically. (We recommend periodic applications if you will be using outdoors.)

Norse Inspired Raven Carved Shelf

  • Every piece we make, whether listed here, hung in a gallery, or sold in person at an event, is handcrafted with pride by our family right here in North Carolina. They are handcrafted one at a time, often to your order, with carefully selected pieces of wood, leather, and other materials.

    Your individual piece of art is unique. There will always be slight variations in each and every one we make. Varying wood grains, knots, carve grooves, and brush strokes will be different from one piece to another. We value art that is one-of-a-kind and created with care so you can be sure there is never any mass production here!

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