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Straight out of our workshop, where the earthy scents of wood and leather combine, another creation has come to life. The round shield was not merely an item of defense, it was a symphony of craftsmanship, a tribute to the valor of the Vikings, and a masterpiece that still whispers tales of the distant past.

Our shields are made with hand selected wooden pine or Poplar planks (no plywood), meticulously carved by our hands, and hold within their grain the essence of age-old forests that once stood tall, bearing witness to the sagas of old.

The warrior spirit of the North is awakened by the three howling wolves carefully etched into the wood in a swirling triscal dance of intertwined designs that pay homage to the winds that carried the Vikings across uncharted waters.

But it is not the carving alone that elevates this shield to the realm of artistry. The vibrant, hand-painted hues that adorn its surface captures the very brilliance of Viking heratage and brings life to this warrior’s canvas.

At its heart, a hand-forged metal shield boss is mounted proudly, a defiant symbol of protection and power. Forged in the fires of tradition, it is a testament to the strength of those who once bore it. Finally, the leather edging, carefully placed, stands as a finishing touch – a safeguard for both warrior and masterpiece, a bond between art and functionality.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself clutching this shield, its weight a reminder of the stories it carries, the battles it has witnessed, and the courage it emboldens. As you stand on the precipice of adventure, the shield becomes not just an instrument of defense, but an embodiment of your spirit. It is a time capsule of history, a conduit to the fierce souls of the past, and an artwork that traverses time.

Tri Wolves Carved Viking Shield

Only 1 left in stock
  • Every piece we make, whether listed here, hung in a gallery, or sold in person at an event, is handcrafted with pride by our family right here in North Carolina. They are handcrafted one at a time, often to your order, with carefully selected pieces of wood, leather, and other materials.

    Your individual piece of art is unique. There will always be slight variations in each and every one we make. Varying wood grains, knots, carve grooves, and brush strokes will be different from one piece to another. We value art that is one-of-a-kind and created with care so you can be sure there is never any mass production here!

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